Annual Title I Parent Meeting- Middle School Parents
Annual Title I Parent Meeting- Middle School Parents
April Hughes
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

10:00a.m.and 6:00p.m. September 17th in the CCMHS Media Center

This will be an informational meeting for all Middle School Parents. The following topics will be discussed.

  1. What is a Title I school?
  2. How does our school spend Title I money?
  3. How does our school participate in the Title I Program?
  4. What are our school’s Title I (schoolwide or targeted assistance) requirements?
  5. Schoolwide Program – Past and Present
    1. What are our schoolwide goals?
    2. What programs/supports are in place to help my child?
  6. What curriculum does our school use?
  7. What tests will my child be taking?
    1. How do these tests measure my child’s progress?
    2. What proficiency levels is my child expected to meet?
  8. What is required by law for Parent and Family Engagement?
    1. What is the district's Parent and Family Engagement Policy?
    2. What is the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy?
    3. What is a School-Parent Compact?
  9. Does my child’s teacher meet professional qualifications?
    1. What is a parent’s right to know?
  10. How is Title I Parent and Family Engagement money spent?
  11. What opportunities does the school provide for parent engagement?
    1. List parent engagement opportunities offered for school or home
    2. List volunteer opportunities
    3. List parent decision making opportunities/meetings/councils
  12. How responsive will the school be to my questions when staff is contacted?
    1. Provide staff contact information

 If you have any questions or can not attend this meeting please contact Ms.Hughes the Family Engagement Coordinator by phone or email.

Ms. Hughes
Phone: 706-989-3678