Welcome to the Chattahoochee County School System.

Hello, my name is April Hughes and I serve as the Parent Coordinator for Chattahoochee County Education Center and Chattahoochee County Middle School. I assist all the teachers and the office staff in many ways. Because C.C.E.C. and C.C.M.S. are Title 1 schools, my job involves: maintaining records of parent involvement on campus, completing Federal reports for Title 1 compliance and carrying out parent educational meetings. My goal is to make the educational experience a smooth and positive experience.

It is a pleasure to work with both the students and their families. I look forward to working with and serving our families well into the future.

We have a great parent volunteer program and are always looking for volunteers.

As parent coordinator for the Elementary and Middle Schools I hope to see our parents really involved in our schools this year. Parent involvement is one of the keys to success for our students. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, call me at either school location.

Our Parent Resource Center is filled with tutorial supplies for parents to work with their children. You may come by and check out any of our resources to assist with your child's learning.

The Center is located in the Elementary School building. If you have a need for resources for your Middle School child feel free to call me and I can bring the material to the Middle School for you. Please refer to the handbook for Parent Policy or the 2015-2016 CCMS Parent Policy Link.

Elementary School: 706-989-3648
Middle School: 706-989-3678

April Hughes
Parent Coordinator