1. The daycare will exercise reasonable care and judgment in all matters related to the welfare and safety of the child.

  2. In case of an accident, illness or emergency with the child, the staff will take all reasonable matters that are in the best judgment and interest for the child. Parents/ custodial parent will be notified as soon as possible. If parents cannot be reached or there is insufficient time to notify the parents/ custodial parent in advance due to the nature of the critical illness or injury, the daycare will call 911 for the emergency unit to transport the child to the nearest medical hospital. With signature of this agreement the parent/ custodial parent is authorizing staff to seek any treatment deemed necessary. Parent/ custodial parent will also be held responsible for any expenses incurred for the child’s treatment.

  3. Liability for the acts of the child while under the care of the daycare is the parent’s/ custodial parent responsibility.

  4. Acts of the child resulting in accident or illness during the time the child is under the care of the Childhood Development Center, which are not due to negligence of the daycare itself, the daycare will not be liable.

  5. The daycare is exempt from licensure under Rule 591-1-1.46(1)(a) Exemption Requirements and Rule 591-1-1-.46(1)(b) Exemption Categories. All rules and forms are available at

  6. The parent/ custodial parent agrees to pay an annual registration fee of $50.00. Multiple child discount: 2nd child $40.00. This fee is non-refundable.

  7. Weekly fees will be paid in advance of the week for services to be rendered unless other arrangements have been made with administration.

  8. Daycare fees are as follows: Infants 6 weeks – 12months $130.00 per week

Toddlers 13 months – 3 years $100.00 per week

Before/after care $60.00 per week

Drop in $30.00 per day

  1. The parent/ custodial parent will notify the Daycare if child will be absent for more than 5 consecutive days.

  1. The parent/ custodial parent will contact the Daycare director or Assistant Director regarding any problems that occur that will affect payments or fees.

  2. Fees are to be paid weekly or bi-weekly. Services may be denied for anyone not complying with this rule. All uncollected amounts after 60 days of inactivity will be turned over to a collections agency.

  3. The daycare will post ahead of time any closings throughout the year.

  4. It is responsibility of the parent/ custodial parent to keep the daycare informed of any changes in the enrollment information (i.e. phone numbers, change of address or change in jobs), emergences contact changes, authorized pick up persons or any change in health information related to the child.

  5. The daycare will contact parent/guardian of any child who becomes ill and arrange to have the child picked up immediately. The child must be symptom free (no fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours before he/she will be permitted to return to daycare.

  6. The daycare has a no-nit policy. Children who have indication of lice to include nits will not be allowed to stay in daycare and must be picked up immediately. No child will be permitted to return until he/she is cleared by the nurse or health department.

  7. The daycare does not charge for non-attendance so full-time children who are absent for five (5) consecutive days, without notifying the daycare office, will be taken off the roll.

  8. In case of bad weather, please watch the local television stations for the closings of the Center. In case of an emergency that causes the Center to close early, we will contact parents or guardians to pick up the children. For this reason, it is very important that you have a current and complete Emergency Contact on file in the office.

  9. Any questions or concerns about the daycare facility should be directed to:

Kenyada Heard ( (706-989-3648) or

Dianne Miller ( (706-989-1640)

  1. The following documents are needed for enrollment:

A: Birth Certificate

B: Social Security Card

C: Current Georgia Immunization Record

Children with disabilities: The Chattahoochee Childhood Development Center does not discriminate against anyone based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability. The following will be insured upon the enrollment of a child with a disability: all facilities are handicap accessible, all workers are trained and briefed on the special needs of said child and any special instructions will be provided to the direct care giver. This training will include any information from child’s IEP and parent regarding the limitations and specific needs of the child. Any dietary need or special equipment the child may need (i.e. crunches, wheelchairs, walkers, prone standers, etc.) will be the sole responsibility of the parent/ custodial parent to provide. We ask that we be given a 48 hr notice to ensure accommodations have been made.