April COVID-19 Plan

First, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone. You all have made this most unique situation as seamless as possible for our community and students. Everyone is contributing in various ways, and it means so much to really feel the love all of you have for ChattCo and our children. Thank you so much for continuing your instruction, driving buses, supporting operations, feeding children, and keeping our buildings safe and clean.

It is imperative that we follow guidelines and limit physical interactions and practice social distancing. This has been so difficult as we want to love our children and each other especially when we see one another at school feeding times. Therefore, we must implement some significant changes that have already started this week. Cafeteria work and delivery work are going to be completely separate which means no one on buses will be allowed in the cafeteria.

As a reminder, no one is allowed on campus if there is a temperature of 99 or higher. In addition, children (under 18) are not allowed on any campus.

I do want each of you aware of our next steps. On April 21, we will re-evaluate our date to reopen the buildings. Therefore, our buildings are closed until at least April 21. This aligns with the county Declaration of Emergency. I know that this extended closure brings much anxiety and concern. The extension of the date is not made lightly, and it causes me much sadness as it does you. We miss our children and our day to day sense of normalcy. However, we know that this virus is quickly spreading. It continues to get closer and closer to us. It is imperative that every precaution be taken to protect you- our amazing ChattCo family and to protect our wonderful students. This is our priority now. In these strange moments, please use this novel situation to be with your family and share much needed time together. Please use this time to reach out weekly to children and offer them encouragement and grace. Please show that during these moments, learning can occur and will occur because our children are responsible and have the skills needed to demonstrate initiative and motivation to become independent and productive.

When we "return" (virtually) from Spring Break, the following will be in place:

1. Offices will be opened and minimally staffed only on Monday and Thursday from 8:30-12:00.

2. Food delivery for student meals will occur on Monday and Thursdays. Students will still receive five days of meals, but the deliveries will only occur on Monday and Thursday. Principals will be scheduling every employee to work a delivery date or to provide other services. No one over 60 or with documented medical conditions will be allowed to deliver meals.

3. Custodians begin reporting to Beck Services on April 6th and will work the schedule designed by Beck Services.

4. No students will be allowed on campus

5. Teachers will be available on-line Monday-Thursday from 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00. Please use this time to encourage more student created opportunities through student exploration, reading and written responses. All Milestones testing has been suspended. Students are still receiving class credit and teachers are given flexibility in grading practices to meet student needs. 

6. No employee or contractor will be allowed on campus with a temperature of 99 or higher. At no time can more than 10 people be present together in an enclosed space.

Again, these updates are for the protection of all of us and our students and their families. I appreciate your dedication and continued optimism during this most unique time. Please remember to engage with one another during your virtual meetings so that you stay connected. Your health and well being are very important and we are here for each other and will overcome this challenge.

OneHeartBeat always