Excuses for student absences can be brought into the School Main Office or emailed to: 





ELEMENTARY: CLICK HERE for the CCEC 22-23 Student Handbook : Attendance Info can be found on pages 28-34.

MIDDLE/HIGH: CLICK HERE for the CCMHS 22-23 Student Handbook: Attendance Info can be found on pages 22-27

Chattahoochee County Schools ATTENDANCE PROTOCOLS:

CHATTAHOOCHEE COUNTY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE PROTOCOL  Initial Attendance Letter = Attendance letter sent to parent/guardian reviewing  Georgia law O.C.G.A.  20- 2-690.1 enclosed in student information packet  All Absences System notifies parent/guardian via text/telephone call. 10th Unexcused Absence = System notifies parent/guardian via email and text when student has minimum 10 unexcused absences and is eligible                 for Saturday School. 15th Unexcused Absence = System notifies parent via text and email when  student is truant per Georgia law. More than 15 Unexcused Absences = Contact attempts are made via calls and home visits.  Truancy Meeting is held, certified letter is mailed, court or other intervention is sought

Chattco Attendance Information. Excuses for student absences can be brought into the school or emailed to: CCEC:, CCMHS: Students are allowed up to ten parental excuses per year.  Parental excuses are excuses outside of a doctor’s note or other allowable excuse per the student handbook. Credit recovery options are available for those who qualify.

Saturday School Attendance Recovery What: Saturday School Attendance Recovery When: Saturdays, 8AM-12PM Where: CCMHS Library      Who: Students who have a minimum of 10 unexcused absences OR wish to recover attendance for test exemption purposes are eligible for Saturday School Attendance Recovery. How: Show up on designated Saturdays at 8AM (late entrance will not be allowed) and complete assigned work.  Every 2 hours of Saturday School earns 1 day of attendance recovered. (Full 2 hours must be completed). Parents/guardians of students meeting attendance requirements will be notified. Also:  Transportation will not be provided.  Attendance Recovery is a privilege and access may be revoked for late pickup and other reasons at administrative staff's discretion. Designated Saturdays:  12/3/22, 12/10/22. 1/21/23, 1/28/23, 2/4/23, 2/11/23, 2/25/23, 3/4/23, 3/18/23, 3/25/23, 4/15/23, 4/22/23, 4/29/23, 5/6/23, 5/13/22

Attendance Matters, all day, every day. Chronic Absences: 18 OR MORE DAYS   Excused and unexcused absences represent lost time in the classroom and lost opportunities to learn.  Missing just one day every two weeks can add up to 18 days in a year. Absences add up before you even know it. WARNING: 10 to 17 DAYS Students who are absent on an average of 15 days a year miss a year’s worth of school before their senior year. When students miss a day of school it actually puts them two days behind their classmates. GOOD ATTENDANCE: 9 or FEWER ABSENCES. Students with good attendance generally achieve higher grades and enjoy school more. Children benefit and make the most of their educational  opportunities if they attend school regularly and on time

ATTENDANCE MATTERS! Missing a day of school here and there may not seem like much, but absences add up! When a student misses 2 days a month They will miss 20 DAYS a year. They will miss 30 HOURS of math over the school year. They will miss 60 HOURS of reading & writing over the school year. They will miss over 1 YEAR of school by graduation. When a student misses 4 days a month… They will miss 40 DAYS a year They will miss 60 HOURS of math over the school year. They will miss 120 HOURS of reading & writing over the school year. They will miss over 2 YEARS of school by graduation.