Why do we remove students from the bus or ask to sit 2 to 3 to a seat?


Student Safety is our number 1 priority.

Most of our buses allow room for approximately 50-56 high school age students.

We will limit the number of students on a bus based on capacity limits.

Our drivers will not move the bus if they are over capacity or if students are seated/standing in the isle.

Drivers will radio for another bus when needed.


Where can we find information on bus stops/routes?


You can always contact the appropriate school front office

We have added route information to our school website,

This is located under the Transportation Tab on the District Web Page


What times will buses be at the stops?


Most bus routes will have different times.

By looking under the transportation Tab on the District web page.

Generally buses are on the road at these times:


AM: 600 - 700AM: 710 - 800

PM: 220 - 310PM: 325 - 430


When is a bus considered LATE?


We ask that students arrive at least 10 min early to their stop and allow up to 10 min after the Pick up time to consider bus late.

Schools normally send out notifications if the bus is going to be more than 10 minutes late


What do we do if we are late to the stop & miss the bus


Please DO NOT follow the bus to another stop and attempt to get on

DO NOT Chase the bus hoping for it to stop and allow the student on

DO contact the school and verify that the bus has run

DO bring your student to school if they have missed the bus


Why do we have LATE buses in the afternoon so often?


Maintenance issues on some of the older buses

Extra-Curricular Trips

Drivers out for personal/illness reasons


How do you decide what buses will be late?


Depending upon the reasons and availability of drivers/subs we try to run the fastest routes and then ask that driver to make a 2nd run.

Sometimes we are able to combine 1 bus route into 2 or 3 buses to avoid late

It takes approximately 40 minutes for a bus to make a run and return to the school to pick up the 2nd load of students.

We select those buses to make the double runs in efforts to get students home as quickly and safely as possible.


How do we receive notification of LATE Buses


When a bus or buses will be late, the schools will send information via:

Automated Phone Calls & Social Media

If you have not done so, please check powerschool and update your contact information. If you are unsure how to login, contact the school office. They will get you the needed information to login.


Do we issue Bus Passes?


Yes we allow students to ride different buses with a pass issued from the school. Provided the following steps are followed:

School contacted by parent before 12 pm either in person with photo ID or via email (in powerschool) with a current phone number (in powerschool)

Parent information must be in powerschool

School will contact parent via provided phone number if in powerschool.


What are our future plans for buses and growth?


2019 - 20 NEW BUSES: 2 this school year 1 this fall & 1 in January 2020

We are looking at adding 2-3 new buses over the next couple of years

Having current & updated information in our student data system will link to our new Traversa Routing Software

Adding new drivers when possible

Changing existing or adding new routes to accommodate as it occurs


How do we know what bus to get on each day?


Beginning Tues. 3 Sept

Chattco buses will have a

magnetic paw print with the

appropriate color(s).

They will be located to the left of the doors.