One in ten of Georgia's children have a sensory, emotional, physical, intellectual or language disability that may inhibit learning? Many of these disabilities are subtle, so they go unnoticed. As a result, children may have trouble in school, at home and with their peers. The earlier these disabilities are discovered and identified, the more effectively they can be managed. That means the child will have every chance to be successful in life.

Under IDEA, The Individuals with Disability Education Act, the Georgia Department of Education and Chattahoochee County School System have a mission to locate, identify, and evaluate each child—birth through 21 years of age—with a suspected disability, and to provide appropriate educational services to these children throughout Georgia. We need your help to find these children.

Calling "Child Find" can lead to a more successful life experience for a child. A child will learn more during the first five years of life than in the next fifty. They will learn how to talk, walk, feed, and dress independently. It is very crucial that this opportunity to learn and develop be afforded to every child. The sooner these problems are identified; the sooner assistance can be provided. Once a child's disability is identified and evaluated, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be created to meet that child's specific and unique educational needs.

For more information and assistance about free educational services that are available for children with disabilities, call the toll-free number for CHILD FIND, 800-282-7552 or contact Ashley Beaver, Director of Student Services/Special Education, at 706-989-3774 or via email:

Child Find Fact Sheet

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What is child find? Child find refers to the policies and procedures in each state that ensure that all children with disabilities, birth through age 21, who live in the state and are in need of special education and related services or early intervention services are identified, located and evaluated. The Facts you should know: • Child find procedures may include public announcements through newspaper, television, radio; meetings with private and home school representatives/organizations; use of websites; community service fairs, parent mentors and collaboration with other public agencies. • Local school systems are responsible for all children within their jurisdiction suspected of having disabilities including: o Preschool children, ages 3 through 5, including those in private preschools or child care programs o Children enrolled in public school within the district, including public charter schools o Children who are placed in private schools within the district o Children who live within the jurisdiction of the local school system and are home-schooled o Highly mobile children, including migrant, homeless and children who are wards of the state o Children who are served in community programs such as rehabilitation centers, child care centers, etc. o Children who are incarcerated in facilities operated by the local sheriff’s office or other municipalities o Children in state juvenile (Department of Juvenile Justice, DJJ) or correctional (Department of Corrections, DOC) facilities o Any other children suspected of having disabilities, even when those children may be progressing from grade to grade. • In Georgia, home-schooled children are treated as private school children in regard to special education and must be considered for proportionate share of federal funds for private school children. • Public charter schools that are their own school system are responsible for child find for children enrolled in the charter school. • Georgia DJJ and Georgia DOC are responsible for child find for youth in their facilities. • Local school systems are responsible for child find for youth in jails or other correctional facilities operated by local municipalities. Where to Go for More Information: Parent to Parent of Georgia 770-451-5484 or 800-229-2038 Georgia Department of Education, Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports (404) 657-9968 or Georgia Department of Education Implementation Manual Child Find Georgia Special Education Rule 160-4-7-.03 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 34 C.F.R. 300.111 Additional resources: Contact the Special Education Director for your school system.